Testimonials and Certificates
Selection of my Testimonials
G , Essex
I just want to say a big thank you as with your help I was able to stand up and give my dad’s tribute yesterday …….. something I would never have done in a million years before … think we can safely say that was probably way, way out of my comfort zone! x
I got the job – I still cant believe it – Teacher to Assistant Head in six months.  My bubble was supercharged in my interview.  Thank you
Hayley, Colchester
I recently got divorced and have found it difficult picking myself up after 35 years of  marriage.  Julie gave me the confidence to get back out there and build a social life, find what I wanted to do and build the life (I never thought possible).  I have held out to also meet the man of my dreams and things are still going well.  Its taken me a while to find the right one 55 years – but better late than never
Ricky Harwich
I worked with Julie for about 5 months, during a period when I needed to make changes in my professional life, but was not sure what direction to take or how to proceed. Julie supported and empowered my during this time and fuled ambitions that I had have since a teen.  I have now moved into a new profession in a completely different field, and making about 50% more salary! I highly recommend Julie as your personal coach. She is professional and confident with a nurturing presence that encourages honest communication.
My coaching session with you gave me exactly the tools I needed to move forward in the right direction and most effective way …you are the best life coach! Shaz
Julie has been coaching me through a professional project of mine for the past year and has been amazing. She is extremely professional, organized, timely, focused and clear. She is also very intuitive and effective in her coaching sessions, offering support and unique insight without judgment. I always look forward to our sessions and am very fortunate to have her guidance. She has been instrumental throughout the entire process and I highly recommend her
Janet, USA
I have never written testimonials before and not sure what to write.  I don’t think words can really get across how grateful I am to have you in my life.  The years of depression have been such a heavy cloud and now its lifted to let in the sun.  The comfort zone expander just keeps on expanding – might need to get a new one of you as no more room left on this one.

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