Coronavirus and your Business

Will your Business Survive?

Life Coach, colchester
Due to Coronavirus the next few months are going to be very difficult business-wise, especially if you are just starting out. I have created this blog post to try and stimulate your brain on finding other ways of working.

As a coach, I have the luxury of being able to work remotely. I schedule my meetings via Calendly and meet with my clients over Zoom. I take payments via Paypal or Stripe.
It is the ideal Business to have in the current climate,
but how will yours survive?

I appreciate that this will be more of a challenge if your Business Model is hands-on and not feasible to work remotely.

By thinking outside the box, there may be a way that you can still deliver the service that your business provides, or you can develop a hybrid business on what you currently offer.

In every adversity, there is an opportunity you just have to find it by exploring other solutions and different options.
I wanted to get this article out to your quickly so please forgive me if I have not covered every scenario.

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I had a coaching session today with one of my clients. We will call her Lucy (to protect her identity).

Lucy is a freelance teacher and is worried about the zero-hours contract she has. Where she lives, the schools have shut down due to Covid-19. During our session, I suggested starting a FaceBook page and then using Zoom to offer online-class based sessions to her local community and charging the parents 1€ for each pupil.

The children are going to need schooling and entertaining and this way, the parents have not got to worry about homeschooling their children, the child receives entertainment and keeps on top of their education.

Within our session, this has opened up her thinking outside the box. Lucy is currently brainstorming lessons and has already reached out to some of the local parents and is already generating interest.

Let’s explore this further
For example, you teach Yoga 1:1 or in a group format – you could offer Group sessions via Zoom or record lessons that you can provide to your current clients and maybe even find new ones.


You are a Beauty Therapist which is obviously hands-on. How about a delivery service for the creams and lotions that you use. Then you could create online videos on how to use the products and either include this in the cost of the products or add as an optional extra.


Do you create food products – again you could offer a delivery service? Think about it – if people are confined to home they are going to need new delivery services and access to products that they would normally purchase from you.

Above are just a few examples of how your Business could survive and possibly even thrive in the current climate.

Don’t be limited by the problem find the solution
If you would like help, then book a session with me and let us find the SOLUTIONS together.

Last thing

Please – keep safe and follow the government guidelines.

Best Wishes Julie XXX