Life Coach



Life Coach, colchester
What’s the benefits of working with me as your life coach

  • We will clarify what makes you happy
  • This may not be what you think you want
  • or what is expected of you
  • goals to please other people
  • we focus on what you want and develop a plan to get you there.
  • Whatever your coaching needs
    Using Strategic Intervention Coaching, we can work on any area of your life

    Small Business
    Overwhelmed, dull or uninspired. Lets grow your unique skills and knowledge into the Business you love.

    Life Purpose
    Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Define your passion’s and find time to pursue them.

    Improve Your Health and Wellbeing
    Weightloss, addictions, stress, improved health

    Improve your relationships with significant other, colleagues, parents, kids or in social situations
    About Me
    Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Master Neuro Linguistic Programer, EFT Facilitator, Reiki Practioner and Crystal Healer
    I trained as a Strategic Interventionist Coach under ROBBINS MADANES TRAINING. I use NLP, EFT and various other strategies to assist you to take action.
    As your Personal Life Coach, I will work with you to find the perfect direction for you and build your self-esteem to go for your dream. Together we will clarify what strategies to use to push you past your comfort zone and develop your confidence.

    Work with Me
    You may have done the google search “find a life coach near me” – don’t worry most of my clients either work with me over the phone or via Skype. If you live near Colchester, Essex we can meet face to face. I have various programs and coaching packages that I am sure will fit your requirements.

    Whats Important:
    We spend so much time fitting our life around what we think others want. Then we loose sight of what is important for us.

    Whats Missing
    Feeling empty – not sure what’s missing and why you feel this way. You might have the perfect relationships, the new car sitting in the drive of your dream house, BUT you just aren’t happy.

    We all use things to fill the emptiness, whether it’s food, drink, shopping or watching TV.
    You will never fill that space unless you really know whats missing.
    Let me help you to find what missing in your life and feel whole again.

    Busy being busy
    Keeping busy makes us feel productive. How much time have you wasted on the unimportant stuff?

    What can be spent but never replaced
    Time is your most precious commodity. It is the one element you can’t replace – once it’s gone, it’s gone – you can’t buy more

    Free Consultation
    Contact me to arrange a free Consultation. We can talk over the phone, via Skype or if you are local we can meet in my meeting rooms.
    Either phone 07 545 839 601 or email
    I look forward to meeting you

    Success Story
    One of my clients Lucy kept making goals and not following through on the actions steps she needed to reach them.  This became a vicious cycle because the more she set goals but didn’t achieve them the more it eroded her self-esteem.

    When Lucy eventually came to me, she had lost all confidence in herself and her abilities. Through life coaching, I challenged Lucy and got her to understand that fear or failure was what blocking her moving forward, and we broke her cycle of inaction. We worked out a plan of action and strategies so procrastination was NOT an option.   Lucy is now Assistant Head at a large school in Essex and loving the responsibility and staff management that comes with the role..