Building Resilience at Work

Building Resilience
at Work

Life Coach, colchester
Overview of Course
Six-week online course with 2 x 30-minute sessions with Julie Rowe the course facilitator
The first 30 minutes will be to discuss the course and for them to ask any questions.

Week 1
Releasing Negative Emotions

When people are experiencing negative emotions, their body and mind are in the reactive mode of fight, flight or freeze.

By learning how to release negative emotions will allow them to become calmer and centred and not controlled by their experience.

Week 2
Me, Myself and I

In this module, they will be learning more about themselves and understanding why they react the way they do. By being aware of what triggers them and learn strategies to reduce their negative reactions.

Week 3
Being in the other person

This will build on what they leant in week 2 and help them to understand the interaction between themselves and others. They will learn how to develop the skills to see another persons perspective. This will give them greater awareness of the best way to handle situations in the workplace

Week 4

Win Win

In every interaction between people, there are multiple possible outcomes. In this module, they will develop the skills of being assertive and to lead with compromise within the work environment so that they can reach the best possible outcomes.

Week 5
Energy and its effect on others

The unseen language, that controls people and others around them. By understanding the energy that they are emitting and developing awareness of others energy they will be able to notice the warning signs in themselves and others.

Week 6

Taking it forward

Including a 30 minute one to one session with Julie Rowe. This module will look at what they have learnt in the six weeks and ways to keep practising the skills. It will include an end of the course (Minimum 500 word paragraph) essay reflecting on what they have learnt, the benefits they have experienced and how they will keep practising the skills they have learnt.

This will make them focus on how far they have come and encourage them to keep practising the skills and tools that they have learnt in this course.

Total price per delegate is £100