Online Courses
Each of my Courses have been developed closely with my clients to ensure that they get maximum benefit
Online Self Study - working at your own pace
I offer various self-study programs which you can also book Zoom or Telephone sessions at a dramatically reduced price.
My entry level is my 6 week online coaching program. You will have access to your own area on my website where you can download articles and your homework. You will have access to one module at a time to ensure that you do the foundation work before moving on to the next sessions. It is structured this way for you to get the most out of the coaching program.

Included in this package is a 30 min session with me via Zoom or over the telephone. You can schedule this for any time over the six week program
The modules in this package are

. Your Vision statement - what does being your best self look like
. Values - Getting to know yourself - what is important to your
. Beliefs - Whats holding your back
. Your pleasure and pain buttons - develop your moving forward strategy
. 1 Individual tailored module depending on your main focus area

Entry level program is £97

Please contact me for details.
Say It Hear It
Being an effective communicator is critical to your personal and professional success. The tools, resources and advice you’ll gather in this informative course will guarantee better communications between you and the most important people in your life.

During this training, you’ll learn…

• How you could easily be sending mixed messages without realizing it…
• The secret to deepening relationships, and how to avoid the mistake of pushing people away…
• How to ensure you are REALLY hearing what’s being said and making meaningful connections with others…
• Powerful techniques for clear and concise communication…
• How to maximize your message through the three channels of communication…
• And so much more…

Effective communication is everything. Without it, you’ll commit costly communication mistakes that impact your relationships and success. But with it, opportunities will arise that you never could have imagined…
Course Cost is £150 - please contact me to enroll